Busy working on the website

Its dark outside and raining so I had better do some admin on the website
Finally started a job that I am afraid I have been putting off for sometime. I have realised that nearly all the images on the site do not have descriptions relating to them and that also I have not included any keywords at all. So begins the job of rectifying that. It is quite hard work attempting to put words to images because as a photographer the image comes from a moment when you initially saw the scene. Then you frame it in the camera and make sure everything else is as you want it. You take the picture. You download it. Then comes what to me is the hardest part,deciding if you like what you have captured. Will you keep it or will it be just another one destined for the recycle bin. Now that they ( the images) have been through this process and made in onto this site I now have to try and do them justice with words to try and convey what I felt at the moment I pressed the shutter. The moral is I suppose is to update as you go along, but then we would all prefer to be out shooting with our cameras rather than sat in front of a computer screen tapping away, wouldn't we ?