Red Kite pictures

Flexibility and elasticity of movement give Red Kites complete mastery of the air.
Just posted the first of the Red Kite pictures. I spent an afternoon at Ballymack Hill Farm at Laurieston in Dumfries and Galloway. They put food out for the Kites each day at 2pm and you are able to view them from very close quarters. They also have a small café there so you can also buy cake and coffee while you watch them, so it gets even better !! On this particular day the Kites did not seem particularly interested in coming down for the food , despite the farmers attempts to entice them down by rounding up a herd of goats. Seriously this does apparently work although on the day in question despite the best attempts of the two Collies, Bearded Collie and baby calf in rounding up the goats, the kites just nonchalantly looked on. Then at 3 pm the frenzy started. I had been warned that these birds were quick but I was still somewhat unprepared for the speed at which they came down. All directions they came from and so close that you could hear their talons scraping the ground as they came in for the food put down for them. I was shooting on my Sigma 150-500 and at times the birds were in too close, not a problem I had had expected, but I managed to get enough shots of them in flight against the backdrop of the tress and fells. These were the shots that I was after as this helps to show off their plumage so although I had waited a long time I came away with some good results.