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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. This primarily started out as a site to showcase my work to friends and family, as I suspect the majority of a large number of photographic web sites started out.

I have been a photographer since an early age when I used to borrow my Dads old film camera. I remember one day when he brought home a Zenith SLR together with a 135mm lens from his place of work. I was completely blown away with it, as I thought it allowed me to get superb close ups of wildlife on my beloved Agfa slide film. Looking back at those old slides, all that had happened were the blobs that I knew to be Great Crested Grebes were in fact only slightly bigger blobs than I had got on my old camera, but it had got me hooked.

My love of nature, especially birds has been with me for even longer. On fishing holidays to Scotland I found myself more interested in the birds that were calling and displaying over the loch that we were fishing. I bought myself a bird identification book and found out that these magical birds were Lapwings. They still remain to this day one of my favourite birds and I still get a buzz out of watching their display flight and hearing their evocative pee wit call. Sadly it is becoming a declining spectacle.

So over time my passion for photography has grown side by side with my love of nature and the wild landscapes of the UK especially Scotland. The following galleries are my attempt to convey the diversity and beauty of the British landscape and the wildlife within it that calls it home.

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I have enjoyed taking them. Please feel free to contact me for further information through my website on the contact page or guest book.

Jon Diggle September 2014